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About Mitex

Twenty-five years ago in Co. Mayo, Patricia, David Burns wife began to experience extremely bad asthma. He discovered that one of the most common triggers of asthma was the presence of dust mite and their allergens in the home. David began his investigation into what changes he could implement at home to reduce the environmental impact on his wife’s asthma.

It became apparent that anti-allergy barrier covers were the one simple single measure to take that would dramatically and simply reduce the allergen level that could protect his wife from house dust mite allergens.

After an extensive search in Ireland and the U.K., David was unable to find any of these covers for sale. He then moved his sights to the U.S. where he eventually sourced a supplier who was capable of producing the anti-allergy fabric that provided his wife with her much-needed relief. 

The information he had gathered prompted him to get into the market himself and he began importing these covers to Ireland.

For the last twenty-five years we have worked and grown with the anti-allergy product market so the point that Mitex now manufactures our own range of Allergy Bedding in Co. Meath.

Here are some of the important facts we have learned.

Every year you will lose 3.6 kilos of discarded skin and roughly one-third of that ends up inside your mattress, pillow and duvet. This is what the allergen carrying House Dust Mites feed on to propagate their species.

The act of covering your bed with our Mitex Anti-Allergy protection means that you are already
battling the allergens in two ways.

1) The micro-porous design of our Mitex covers do not allow the current harmful dust mite allergens that live in your mattress to escape.

2) Our Mitex covers do not allow your new dead skin cells to become more food that would promote more Dust Mite Activity. The covers cut off the food supply to the mites and help to keep your bed free of organic matter, fungus and bacteria.

The best thing about Mitex covers is that they actually work, they are a registered class 1 medical device and are recommended by doctors specialising in allergies.
David Burns. 

David Burns.