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New Mitex Basics Now Available

We are launching a new line of Mitex Basics!

These are priced much more competitively in line with the mattress protectors available through Dunnes Stores, Debenhams, Marks & Spencers and other department stores in Ireland, with the important difference being that ours actually work! They are made from a similar fabric to our Mitex Allergy range of full encasement covers, so they will still stop a single house dust mite allergen from passing through while the others mentioned are purely quilt stitched cotton mattress protectors with a thin layer of hollow fibre filling, which may protect your mattress from accidental spills and stains, but will do nothing to stop dust mite allergens from passing through, or indeed dust mites from living within them either.

There is a misnomer that house dust mites do not live within hollow fibre as it was believed they were living on the residual proteins on feather and down, this was disproven many many years ago. Of course, after the sterilisation process thAT feather and down goes through before it gets anywhere close to your duvet and pillow there is no organic material left.

So these are a great first step towards protecting yourself against dust mite allergens, as added protection on a spare bed, as a set to bring while travelling or if your allergy is mild.

Mitex Basics anti-allergy bed set