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Acute Bronchitis

Stop Symptoms Caused by Dust Mite Allergy 

exposure to allergens

When exposed to allergens the primary immune response leads to the production of mucus in order to force out the foreign substance that has entered your body, over the course of the day or night this leads to inflammation of the bronchial tubes and trigger an asthma attack.

75 percent of respiratory allergies are triggered by house dust mites, with 1 in 10 people susceptible to these allergens it is not surprising that when your immune system is low, this can lead to symptoms of acute bronchitis.

Improve your home's air quality 

These basic steps can greatly improve the air quality

  1. The temperature is important, keep the temperature of your house below 20° to avoid optimal conditions for dust mites. Set the thermostat correctly to achieve this.
  2. Vacuum the whole house and especially underneath the bed on a regular basis with the help of filtered vacuum cleaner
  3. Cover all mattresses pillows and duvets in the home with anti-allergy encasement covers it is important to use the correct type of anti-allergy material. Cotton mattress protectors from department stores, whilst they may list as one of their features anti-allergy, hypoallergenic or anti-dust mite, it is unlikely that they are.
  4. Wash bedclothes frequently and the temperatures of over 55°C.
  5. When dusting in the home, use a damp micro fibre cloth in order to keep the dust down, and always use a dust mask if you are the person with the issue.