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The Weather and your Allergies?

Are your allergies flaring up with the warm weather?

Even though the traditional 3 day Irish Summer sun has disappeared again behind the clouds the humidity is still high.

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour in the air, the reason this is of concern to asthma and allergy sufferers is that high humidity leads to high allergen levels due to increased dust mite activity. Dust mites like temperatures above 20 to 21 degrees Celsius and when the humidity levels are over a relative 50% humidity dust mites are at their most active. 

The Sun may be gone but the humidity is rising!

Dust mites & humidity

It is for these reasons people feel that dust mite allergies are seasonal, however they are present all year round. They need humidity to survive is necessary for them to have 50% plus humidity hence their habitats being inside mattress pillows and duvets for the constant source of moisture from our perspiration as we sleep! C drops below 50 they start to gather together to share humidity and moisture and go into a metabolic slowdown, a hibernation like state until the conditions improve and humidity goes up to an acceptable level.

So while your enjoying the sun this July, or not as the case may be, remember the dust mite and allergen levels are on the rise and waiting for you when you go to bed!