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What is Mitex Allergy?

Anti Allergy  Encasement Covers

Protection from dust mites and their harmful allergens.

Mitex Mattress, Covers are manufactured from a special vapour permeable fabric they are cool and silent to sleep on as the micro porous fabric allows body heat and moisture to pass through while at the same time preventing house dust mites and their microscopic droppings (allergens) from escaping.

Provides Hygienic Protection for you and your bed by inhibiting the build-up of organic matter causing bacterial and fungal growth in you mattress pillow and duvet.

So how do dust mites affect you?

It is all about airflow and allergens!

At night, as your body hits the mattress and your head hits the pillow, this impact and air movement resulting leads to setting free microscopic allergens into what should be a comfortable sleeping atmosphere.

Mitex fully encases your mattress and seals in the allergens which are 0.40 of a micron in size. The man-made bonded Mitex fibres have a pore size is less than 0.35 of a micron to make sure that the allergens cannot escape. (The tip of one head hair is 100 microns)