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How to install, wash care for you new anti-allergy covers

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How do they work?

As Dust Mites need certain conditions in order to thrive and survive they are more prevalent within our beds and bedding than anywhere else in the house. As one­ third of our time is spent in bed House Dust Mites get a constant source of food from our discarded skin, moisture from perspiration and heat from our body giving them the ideal conditions to multiply.

Mitex Allergy full encasement covers put a physical barrier around your mattress, pillow and duvet that if used from new stop a dust mite population taking hold in your bedding in the first place.

When used on existing bedding they effectively seal in the dust mite allergens, preventing them escaping from your bed as you toss and turn, while also cutting the food supply to the dust mites, so over time their numbers will dwindle and die out.


Can I wash the covers?

Yes they can be washed at 60º but remember, when you cover your existing mattresses with Mitex anti­-allergy encasements, you are sealing in the allergens, so each time you remove them to wash, you are creating airflow and releasing allergens into the room. For this reason we suggest you wash the anti-allergy covers once a year but still clean and change bed linen regularly and by washing at 60ºC this will kill dust mites.


How often should I replace the covers?

While the fabric will still be effective for many years, because they are getting constant use we recommend you replace the covers every 2 to 3 years max. Remember, they are a filter, and filters get clogged and need replacement in order to get optimal value.

Your mattress also should be replaced every 7 to 8 years.