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Single Bundle Set (mattress, duvet + 1 pillow)

Mitex Anti-Allergy Bedding Bundle
Single Allergy Bedding Bundle
Mitex Anti-Allergy Bedding Bundle
Single Allergy Bedding Bundle

Single Bundle Set (mattress, duvet + 1 pillow)

from 189.00

Our anti-allergy full encasement Single set includes;

1 x Anti-Allergy Single Mattress Cover 90cm x 190cm x (depth)

1 x Anti-Allergy Single Duvet Cover 135cm x 200cm

1 x Anti-Allergy Pillow Cover 48cm x 70cm

RRP. €205.95


Mitex anti-allergy mattress, duvet and pillow sets are fully zip closed covers, allowing total protection from dust mites and of their allergens within the duvet itself.

Covering your duvet with a Mitex anti allergy duvet encasements protects your duvet from stains, bacteria, fungal spores and dust mite allergens infesting the filling of your duvet.

Due to the constant movement of duvets that are not covered with our encasement protective fabric you are at risk of exposure to airborne dust mite allergens which are released over the period of the night as you toss and turn.

Unlike the mattress and indeed the pillow cover where you are on top of it the duvet is on top of you, therefore the characteristic is slightly different, although the fabric is exactly the same. Our duvet covers are light weight and fully breathable so will make very little difference to the heat but you do have more physical fabric on top of you and initially the fabric, due to the necessary construction process, can be a little rigid, this becomes more supple after initial wash, therefore it is advisable to wash the duvet cover before first use.

Mattress Depth:
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