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why dust mites are in your bed?

Are Dust MIte's Everywhere in the home?

Not everywhere in large quantities really, however, they are in your bed.

Why? Because they need certain ConditionsIn order to thrive and survive. When the humidity drops below 50% Dust like go into a state of shut down, a sort of hibernation like state where they group together in order to share moisture until the humidity rises again.

For this reason, they are more prevalent within your bed and bedding rather than let's say on the rug underneath the coffee table in your living room. 

What the dust mite needs in order to survive:

  • A constant source of discarded skin (their favourite food stuff)
  • A source of heat which they get from our body heat at night.
  • Moisture. Which they get from our bodies perspiration at night.

They also prefer dark areas. So the cavernous dark areas of our mattress, pillow and duvet along with the discarded skin we provide them with for 8 hours a day, along with the heat and moisture give them perfect conditions in which to breed at a very rapid rate.

Covering your mattress in our Class one medical device stops dust mites and their allergens. 

For more information on these read our blog on the "benifits of anti allergy bedding"

Why Dust Mites are in our bed?