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Prevention is better than cure,

Dust mites and your baby

Dust mites preferred food is a combination of our shed skin cells we shed from our bodies and fungus that breaks it down. This makes up the vast percentage of dust in our homes, as much as 85% of household dust is made up of our discarded skin, dust mites, dead dust mite carcasses and their allergens. The bedroom is the largest collector and production area of this dust and, in particular, the bed and underneath it. 

It it's the dust mites allergens that are the issue rather than the dust mites themselves, by taking some simple precautions and covering your Childs mattress pillow and duvet with the correct anti allergy encasements you will greatly reduce the allergen level protecting your child from developing asthma and giving you and them a safe nights sleep.


Some facts on asthma

Asthma is on the rise

The world health organisation estimates that 235 million people currently suffer from asthma. Asthma is the most common noncommunicable disease (non-infectious and non-transmissible) among children. 

75% of respiratory issues or triggered by house dust mites and as many as one in 10 in Ireland suffer from asthma or asthma related symptoms.

Treatment of asthma can be a serious financial strain on on families therefore it is wise to take some simple proportions precautions in order to protect you and especially your children from developing these symptoms in the first place.